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We specialize in drilling open and restoring safes to like-new condition. Whether you've lost your combination or your safe has been vandalized, we can open and repair it.

The Process

At Outlaw Safe Company, we prioritize your privacy and security above all else. When it comes to safe combinations or what lies inside, we maintain strict confidentiality. We do NOT keep combinations so if you lost your combo it will need to be drilled open. 

Our skilled technicians ensure that the drilling process is conducted efficiently, taking only a few hours. Once the safe is open we promptly inform the owner to open it on their own to maintain privacy. 

Post-opening, we go the extra mile to restore a safe to its original condition by repairing any holes or drill marks. Trust Outlaw Safe Company to handle your safe with care and professionalism. 

Request a safe Opening

After submitting a request, our company will contact you to schedule opening your safe.

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