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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store hours?

Monday to Friday 9-5. Saturday 10-3. Sunday closed

Can I come by your store to pick up a safe?

Yes you can purchase and load it right in your truck at our store. Although we do deliver safes to most of our customers after a purchase, it is up to you.

How much do you charge to deliver a safe?

It depends on the weight of the safe and what city. We have a delivery trailer and can bring it into your house. Call us for a quote to determine the estimated delivery charge for you.

Are there any warranties on your safes?

We have a lifetime replacement policy on every safe if it has been in a fire or burglarized, and a one year warranty on the lock.

Should i have my safe anchored to the ground?

Yes if the safe is lighter than 750 lbs you should have it anchored to the ground. If you buy a safe from us, the anchoring is included in the price of the safe delivery. 

Can I change the combination on my mechanical lock?

No, you need a skilled tech. We can do it for you and charge $145 to change the combo.

Can I change the combination on my digital lock?

Of course. It's easy and if you don't have the instructions to change your combo, give us a call.

What's the difference between a gun safe and a home safe?

Gun Safes are designed to store firearms. Gun safes are built with features like adjustable shelving and specialized gun racks to hold various firearms. Home Safes are designed to protect valuables such as jewelry, important documents, cash, etc. For that reason, homes safes tend be smaller in size than gun safes. 

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