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We provide professional safe moving services all over Southern California, for both home and business needs. Our services include handling stairs, anchoring, recovery, and installation. Call us to get a quote and schedule a move with us.

HOw we do it

At Outlaw Safe Company, safety is our top priority when it comes to moving your valuables, especially safes. We ensure a secure and hassle-free experience whether we are relocating your existing safe or delivering a new one to you.  We offer safe moving services to all Southern California residents. 


What our team handles:

  • Loading the safe securely in our moving trailer

  • Transportation from one location to another

  • Anchoring the safe to the ground at your new location for no extra charge


Outlaw's equipment can handle various sizes and weights. Delivery fees are determined by the weight and distance of the safe move.  We offer safe moving services for our trusted outlaw-safe brand, as well as safes from other manufacturers.

Request a safe move

After submitting a request, our company will contact you to schedule the move.

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